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technical writing by Katherine

friendly AF UX

“This stuff is dope.”
Kei Kianpoor
Netologic CEO


Built an app or some software? Awesome! You know, I bet it has words in it somewhere. Have you ever really thought about them? No?

It’s time to get on that.

Your users demand in app text that’s clear, accessible, and speaks directly to them. Text that some developer thought up on the fly simply won’t cut it (sorry, dude). That’s why you need a technical writer.

I adore software, but I love software users even more. I put myself in their shoes, imagine their pain points, and guide them through your product with humor and finesse.

KK Writes Copywriting for Tech Pencils
KK Writes Katherine Storyteller Bio

First and foremost, I’m a storyteller

(read: theatre major)

The tech integration came later.

My years working in customer support got me up close and personal with users – getting to know their pains, and their remarkable inability to log in. I was always the helpful human saying “Hey, I bet I can make a guide for that!”

I’ve bounced from Cornell University to Seattle and now am back east. I live with my cats & partner in D.C., copywriting my heart out.


There’s more writing in your business than you realize.


In-App Copy

Let every pop-up and button sizzle.


Knowledge Base articles

Divert support tickets with sweet articles & screenshots.


Marketing emails

Let them know you exist, and that you’re awesome.


Website Content

Tell a great story. Anticipate user questions. Profit.



Hot content to show off how smart you are (plus, good SEO karma).


Video scripts

For those of you in the AV club.

“Though I could rave about Katherine's timeliness, professionalism, and flexibility, it's her voice that I appreciate most of all. Katherine always delivered voice-driven copy with punch and personality.”
Jessica Vozel
Guest Hook Co-Founder

Still not sure you need a writer?

before 🙁

KK Writes Writing Sample Before

after 🙂

"Your writing is like a snuggle."
T.J. Duane
BrightCrowd CEO


5 Tips for the Perfect Customer Success Email

KK Writes 5 Tips for the Perfect Customer Success Email PDF