The best email subject line I’ve ever read

I got a marketing email with a subject line that totally stopped me in my tracks.

The email subject line was simply: UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I actually, literally, for real laughed out loud. Then I opened it, of course!

This cryptic AF message was from Caviar, a pretty sleek-looking online food delivery service that serves D.C. and a few other cities. Perhaps I had ordered from them once or twice, I hadn’t made it a regular thing. I hadn’t yet found their communication annoying enough to unsubscribe.

But this email sure caught my attention. I don’t remember at all what was inside the email, but I remember the Caviar brand so much more vividly now than I did before.

(SIDE NOTE: I looked up the email again for this blog post, and it’s pretty funny! Simple, crazy relatable, with a straightforward offer and CTA. A+++)



I (particularly) loved this subject line because I related it to the feeling of being hangry (hungry + angry). I’m one of those people who needs to eat breakfast. I need 3 square meals a day, or I get very. Deeply. Hangry.

Sometimes I get hungry enough that I cannot even decide what to eat. That’s when I know it’s really bad. As a busy professional lady, sometimes I just NEED somebody else to handle food for me. Sometimes I cannot even deal with cooking, I cry out “UUUGGGGHHH” and I order something for delivery instead.

This subject line felt like Caviar was talking just to me.

It sounds silly, but it’s true.

I find all of this  double marvelous, because I’m positive that this subject line choice was perceived as a huge risk.  Maybe there were arguments about it. It was DEFINITELY part of an A/B test (so glad I was on the FUN side of this one!)

Not only did I click on this email, I thought of it weeks later when I was coming up with blog post topics.

That’s some powerful marketing mojo squeezed out of an objectively stupid subject line. It’s a wonderful reminder that there can be great reward in taking these little marketing risks.

You don’t always have to be clever or cute to be effective. Do something stupid instead! You never know who you’ll reach with a fresh, silly approach. 🤣


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