Don’t let bad content win

We’ve all read websites that somehow (using hundreds of words) fail to describe the product. You’re better than that. I’ll make sure you look brilliant, everywhere there are words.

In-App Copy

Knowledge Base articles

Marketing emails

Website Content


Video scripts

“Katherine's work totally blew me away. If you aren't already working with Katherine, GET IT TOGETHER and book her now. Seriously.”
Mel Judson
Owner & Founder, Mel Judson Branding & Web Design

Get your copy in shape

I’m talking beach body copy.

Quick copy hit!



So you’ve got a draft of something important, and it sucks. Don’t sit around wringing your hands. Let’s get in the ring and knock it out. 

We’ll have an hour-long jam session on a single piece of copy (one page or less, for best results). I’ll ask pointed questions. We’ll get some killer rewrites done. You’ll feel like you just spent all afternoon at the coffee shop, getting your Hemingway on. 

 Strategic insight. Quality content. No sweat.

App Builder Package

Starts at $4,800

Bundle up all the text in your app and send it to me.

Even small screens can include a surprising amount of writing. Pop-ups, help text, menus, & buttons abound…and that’s just onboarding.

I’ll improve usability, establish a clear in-product voice and tone, and work with your designer to help the experience support the content.

Your app should talk pretty.

This package includes:

Web Master Package

Starts at $8,160

Your website = your brand.

Do you feel a little shy about linking folks to your website? Are you worried they won’t “get it” right away?

This package includes all the copy you need for an informative-as-hell, personality-packed website. I’ll help define your brand voice, and make your mission as clear as day. If the user journey isn’t so clear, I’ll sound the alarm. 

Want to see what I mean? Check out this client’s sparkly new site.

This package includes:

The Full Monty (App + Web + Extras)

Starts at $16,320

You’re ready to go all-in.

And make sure every bit of text surrounding your product looks stellar (you’ll even have a baby blog to go with it). Pick this, and we’ll make sure your voice is loud and clear, everywhere it appears.

Your launch will be solid as hell.

This package includes:

Need something super bespoke?

Contact me for a custom quote. I can’t wait to meet you and get to work!


Totally Magical Blog Idea WOrksheet

“Though I could rave about Katherine's timeliness, professionalism, and flexibility, it's her voice that I appreciate most of all. Katherine always delivered voice-driven copy with punch and personality.”
Jessica Vozel
Guest Hook Co-Founder