Portfolio magic

Here’s some stuff I wrote. 

App Onboarding Flow

A gifting app for teens needed a dose of whimsy throughout. The onboarding flow needed to communicate ease, fun, and value in just a few screens.

E-Commerce Microcopy

Highly customizable checkout options are a beast. This client (CorporateGift.com) wanted to explain away user questions in a truly tiny amount of space.

Blog Posts

This client wanted to develop a supportive, empathetic online community. So I wrote a blog post geared toward early-career folks who are going through some s***. The response was lovely. Many users wrote in with their own stories of overcoming challenges.

Knowledge Base Articles

In my customer support days I discovered a love of documenting all the things that I’d otherwise be writing the same email about (dozens of times over). Voila! Here’s a link instead!

Press Releases

A new product release is crazy exciting! This press release had to succinctly and accurately describe the benefits of a new Atlassian app (using product language I helped develop, of course).

Job Descriptions

A job posting might be the first impression an applicant has of your company – it has got to be good. This client wanted me to “spice up” a job posting for a content creator. I gave them 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶


Marketing Emails

Blurbs are my jam. A lot of information in a tiny, action-packed package. 

So. What are you waiting for?

“This stuff is dope.”
Kei Kianpoor
Netologic CEO


The totally magical blog idea worksheet