Mint team, here I come

Mint and I have a long history together. Let’s turn back time a sec.

A love story

In 2012 I was working as an entry-level receptionist. It was my first solid full-time job out of college, and my spreadsheet-loving brain turned to personal finances for the first time.

I discovered Mint somehow (possibly through The Billfold, my fave personal finance blog at the time) and was instantly hooked. Suddenly, I had a budgeting tool that could help me answer all my burning, living-as-an-adult-finally questions.

Can I afford a studio apartment by myself? How long will it take me to pay down my student loans? How much could I save if I got rid of my car? (Answers: Yes, barely. Awhile. A lot.)

Mint helped me manage my finances with confidence in Seattle, despite my minimal salary. I logged in every day to watch my savings grow, and bask in the pride that came with my newfound financial savvy.

Happily ever after <3

Now, I’m privileged to say that I’m going to work on Mint.

In the New Year I’m joining the lovely Mint design team at Intuit, and I’m pleased as punch. It has the most friendly, fun voice of Intuit’s consumer-facing products, so it’s a great fit for my writing style. And the folks over on that team are charming and smart as hell.

Have a peek at some emails I wrote for the new app launch earlier this year. This app launch, featuring MintSights don’tcha know, was the biggest in years. The team asked for emails with the appropriate type of hype for four distinct audiences.

Mint app users

We hypothesized that these folks would be more excited about MintSights than anything else. Woah, now it can give you smart, contextual info on what to do with your money? That’s bomb.

Email with the headline: You won't believe what Mint has in store for your money.

Android users

These users weren’t included in the initial release (sorry, dudes) but they still needed an update on our cool new branding.

Email with the headline: Mint is turning over a new leaf.

Those who didn’t download right away

Look, nobody’s perfect. Here I go, capitalizing on FOMO to drive clicks.

Email with the headline: Fresh money tips, only in the new Mint app.

So, that’s a taste of what I’ve been up to for the last little while. Looking forward for what’s to come, and to helping Mint get even smarter in 2019.

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