LinkedIn’s Self-ID

LinkedIn’s committed to becoming an anti-racist company, that takes responsibility for inequality on its platform. One of the first steps? Get a thorough understanding outcomes for different groups, by launching the option to self-identify from your profile.

I partnered with designers, researchers, product managers, legal experts, and product marketing managers to create the content for this extremely sensitive launch.

It was crucial that we remain respectful, transparent, and responsive to the many questions and concerns we uncovered in our UX research.

Significant wins

We greatly improved our gender identity selection options. Prior to this launch, the options included only male, female, and “prefer not to say”. Gender selections with options for Non-binary and Another gender identity

I expanded our definition of an MVP by creating the content for this microsite, and getting it in front of research participants. Their feedback helped the team find resources to launch a companion site along with the in-product experience.

LinkedIn site: Let's improve equal access to opportunity

Throughout this project, our team explored questions of identity, choice, control, and trust.

This is an ongoing launch — initially ramped in Feb 2021. Contact me for more info about this project.

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