How Dashlane nailed their applicant experience

I’m sending out my resume a lot these days, looking for my next favorite client or full-time gig (oxymoron? maybe).

Applying for work is famously user unfriendly. You’ve been there. You upload your resume, then SURPRISE! You’ve got to fill in all that information again. As if it weren’t contained in your resume. It’s like a test to see who can jump through the most meaningless hoops successfully. Is that really a great measure of a candidate?

Luckily, I’ve got a reprieve. Since I’m applying only to fantastic, design-driven companies, most of them score very high on job application ease. It’s a lovely thing. You want top candidates? They have no trouble getting interviews. Make it simple for them to apply, so you can snag ’em.

I’m imagining myself as a beautiful butterfly here, floating about in search of the gentlest and most exciting net.

Here’s what I mean. This is a quite typical application form.

A job application with only a few fields. Name, email, phone, resume, and portfolio.

Often there’s space for a cover letter and supporting documents, but it’s not required. So if you’re feeling frisky, you can add content to your heart’s content (that’s a tricky turn of phrase!)

I’m delighted by all this. It’s so respectful of the applicant’s time and effort. In the past I’d spend half an hour on an application, only to be thrown on a pile, never to hear a rejection. It’s enough to erode anybody’s sense of self-esteem.

But today, I came across a company that’s going above and beyond.

Dashlane does something delightful

My password manager of choice is Dashlane. It’s the app I use on desktop and mobile to store all my passwords, among other things.

Today I saw they’re looking for a UX writer in Paris. How could I say no? So I applied, and to my delight I landed on this screen.

Dashlane screenshot confirming my application and offering me 6 months of premium service.

This is glorious. Dashlane gives away 6 months of free service to anybody who applies. Never have I ever been rewarded for applying to a job, but now that I see it, it makes perfect sense. Beyond the obvious benefit of helping applicants get familiar with the product, it’s a profoundly respectful move. It’s egalitarian—you’ve done something for us, so we’ll do something for you.

This is economic recognition of the labor that went into applying for the job. Mind=blown. Wonderful job, Dashlane. I feel valued already.

My only critiques

You’ll notice this content was originally intended to live in an email (see the **). A conscientious content designer could help avoid that snafu—but Dashlane knows that already, that’s why they’re hiring.

And sadly, I learned when I clicked through that existing Dashlane customers cannot take advantage of the offer. So as a paying customer (the most devoted kind) I’m out of luck!

But overall, my goodness I’m charmed. I’m looking forward to seeing if there are more great touches in their interview process. May more companies follow your lead, Dashlane.

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