Hot Tips for your Customer Success Emails

If your software or app is growing, you’ve likely got a customer support team, even if it’s only one person (shh, I won’t tell!)

Lean teams especially need to work smarter. If they don’t, I can tell you exactly what happens. Overburdened support agents work their tails off to keep up with tickets. They get sick and tired of never having time to grow and improve, and they turn over. That’s not good for anybody.

The success team manager (and the CEO!) need to be on this problem like white on rice.

When you’ve got a small team, you need to lay out all the tools they need to be successful. You’ve invested in a CRM like Zendesk, but who is doing QA on the emails that come pouring out of it?

It’s time for you to review how your team’s handling your company’s most precious resources – the customers. Even if your retention rate is flawless (ha), it’s worth looking for places to improve. Email communications are a simple and meaningful place to begin.

Customer support over email is extra tricky. It’s difficult to convey emotion without the benefit of a voice conversation (or a full palette of emoji.) It’s tempting to neglect the quality of your writing when you’re judged based on ticket volume. To be blunt, if time to resolution is your team’s only metric, your customers are missing out.

It’s the difference between:

“Hi. To log in, first go to…”


“Hi Brad! Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble logging in – we’re about to redesign that page so it’s easier to use in the future. First you’ll want to go to…”

Don’t let your team’s emails be curt & minimally helpful like the first example above. In a low-touch customer service model, an email might be your only opportunity to turn a customer into a huge fan. Make it count.

Remember: a customer who doesn’t cancel your service is fine. But wouldn’t you rather they rave about what a fantastic experience they had?

Let’s cultivate those diehard supporters. To help, I’ve created a PDF guide on writing pitch-perfect customer success emails. Download it here, and let me know if it helps you down the path to email greatness!

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