Dear tech bros: nobody gives a fuck about your code.

Hey tech bros. You know that I’m here for you. I love you more than anything — except my cats. (Mama’s gotta keep the Fancy Feast coming…or else.)

we know who’s really in charge here

I’ve noticed a common thread among software companies. You’re hyped, you’ve got this fantastic technology that’s totally going to change the world. But here’s the problem — you think people give a shit.

And I’ve got to break it to you:

Nobody cares about your [AI/blockchain/algorithms/insert incredible advancement here].

And that’s a best case scenario. What with Elon Musk running his trap about how AI-powered machines are going to kill us all someday, you might have a PR challenge on your hands. Good luck selling that machine learning advancement.

Oh this? It’s a super-intelligent computer program that learns everything about you and is definitely never going to laugh maniacally in the middle of the night or pull an Arnold Schwarzenegger and kill your family. Promise.

Hmm. Somehow I’m not convinced.

Consider me your interlocutor. A great copywriter doesn’t just state benefits. They dig into fears, and learn how to dispatch them. They’ve got the scoop about what ordinary, non-technical folks value, and can speak to those values.

You speak to your investors — I’ll translate.

I know that it’s not fair. What you’re doing is probably genius, futuristic as hell, it’s going to change the world, and to be quite clear, I don’t fully get it. I definitely have only a passing understanding of what is actually under the hood of your amazing new invention. Again, I was a theatre major. 

But I don’t have to be an engineer to understand what you’re really trying to accomplish.

What I understand is people, and the real value they’ll find in your product.

It’s my job to look beyond what you’ve made, the painstaking research, the trial-and-error, and the mind-boggling code, and to find what’s great about it.  I can anticipate fears and objections, and find the most compelling counter-arguments. The technology is cool and geeky, and I might be able to grok it (I try!), but I’m all about where the rubber meets the road.

I’m all about this question: What will the user think is amazing?

How will your product change their life?
What about your next big feature release will make the angels sing?
How will it make that niggling pain point magically disappear?
In other words…what are the real benefits?

After all, your users are probably more like me than your investors. They’re smart, they use computers, but they probably don’t need to know what goes on under the hood. They might be marketing wizards or middle managers or college kids. They like it best when your product works just like magic.

So don’t be afraid of magic.

Magic is your friend.

Let’s find it together.

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