A content design career leap

OK. I’ve been a totally terrible blogger lately (mea culpa! Where’s my hairshirt?!)

But there’s a reason, I swear. I’ve made a pretty exciting career move. Once I arrived in San Diego, Intuit came calling. They needed a contract Content Designer, and the opportunity was simply too good to pass up. I know, it’s strange! I hate authority and wearing pants — we all thought freelancing was it for me!

The benefits to submitting to the 9-5 include:

  • Slight reprieve to the hustle? Ok, that’s cushy.
  • Writing content for incredibly well-known products? Yes, please.
  • A chance to work with top talent in my field and learn super fast? Hubba, hubba.

I’ve been at it for almost a month, and it has been a most delightful whirlwind. My coworkers are wonderful, brilliant, and weird. The matrixed management structure scratches my independent itches. I’ve jumped in and taken on projects that are little quick wins, as well as one huge, cross-functional crazy-maker. I get the sense that I won’t get bored, and can find real mentorship when I need it. Not something you can easily access when you WFH in your pajamas.

The OMG wow highlight so far

I had to call my mom to let her know that I wrote emails for Mint.com. My relationship with this product goes back a long time. It helped me budget and understand my finances back when I had almost no money. When my rent alone was fully half my income and I had student loans to pay off, Mint’s charts and graphs and alerts were a total lifesaver.

In short, this is a dope as hell career moment.

What this means for KK Writes

At the same time, my business is still kicking! I’d never let it go, are you kidding? I literally wear my logo on my face.

I’ll likely use the blog to document more process stuff. I’ll have a little bit of time to take on new projects. But mostly? I’m going to get a hell of a lot smarter at this, super fast.

You’ll see.

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