Email Messaging Test

I developed 5 personas along a spectrum of intent to refinance credit card debt, ranging from “I’m not worried about my debt” to “I am shopping for a personal loan to get this s*** cleaned up.” Then, I wrote messaging targeted at each group to see which one performed best.

BrightCrowd Blogs

This client needed a powerful engagement tool to get users back in product each week. Turned out, fantastic content did the trick.Our weekly blog/email combinations got ~25-40% open rates, with CTR sometimes topping 10%. Plus, tons of positive customer feedback flooded our inboxes.

Intellei Website

This chatbot client needed to shift toward telling more human-centric stories. I consulted and developed content for their brand new website. Powerful AI/ML are fun and all, but what really matters is the human touch.

TurboTax Learn More page, TY 18

I was in charge of the content scrub for the TurboTax Learn More pages, TY 18. I balanced SEO requirements with straightforward, economical language, removed duplicate info, and standardized the features presented across all 4 pages.

TurboTax Live Learn More page, TY 18

TurboTax Live needed four new product pages for the four new SKUs rolled out in 2018. Our goal was to answer common questions about the “Live” aspect of the product, while still helping customers pick the right product for them. The bottom portion of the page couldn’t get an update to our ideal state right away, so it got a content scrub instead.

Turbo Homepage, 2019

A fresh product (from the makers of TurboTax!) needed a homepage makeover to help with SEO and better express the customer benefits. I developed homepage content based on qualitative research results, working alongside key stakeholders in marketing, design, and SEO.