Post-File Email

After doing taxes, people are pretty over it. Getting them to engage again with another product is tough, but this email produced insane open and click through rates in testing.

App Release Emails

Email with the headline: Mint is turning over a new leaf.

A big redesign for Mint began with iOS—that meant a 3-prong email campaign for active and lapsed iOS users, and a quick rebrand notification for folks on Android. The directive? Maximum on-brand hype.

Mint Blog Articles

The Mint blog was looking for more personal personal finance articles, so I pitched in. As a total budgeting nerd, this was my wheelhouse. Need a New Year Reset? Try a No Spend Month was our most-read article in January of 2019.

Intellei Website

This chatbot client needed to shift toward telling more human-centric stories. I consulted and developed content for their brand new website. Powerful AI/ML are fun and all, but what really matters is the human touch.

TurboTax Learn More page, TY 18

I was in charge of the content scrub for the TurboTax Learn More pages, TY 18. I balanced SEO requirements with straightforward, economical language, removed duplicate info, and standardized the features presented across all 4 pages.

TurboTax Live Learn More page, TY 18

TurboTax Live needed four new product pages for the four new SKUs rolled out in 2018. Our goal was to answer common questions about the “Live” aspect of the product, while still helping customers pick the right product for them. The bottom portion of the page couldn’t get an update to our ideal state right away, so it got a content scrub instead.

Turbo Homepage, 2019

A fresh product (from the makers of TurboTax!) needed a homepage makeover to help with SEO and better express the customer benefits. I developed homepage content based on qualitative research results, working alongside key stakeholders in marketing, design, and SEO.

Mint team, here I come

Mint and I have a long history together. Let’s turn back time a sec. A love story In 2012 I was working as an entry-level receptionist. It was my first solid full-time job out of college, and my spreadsheet-loving brain turned to personal finances for the first time. I discovered Mint somehow (possibly through The Billfold, my fave personal finance blog at the time) and was instantly hooked. Suddenly, I had a budgeting tool that could help me answer all my burning, living-as-an-adult-finally questions. Can I afford a studio apartment by myself? How long will it take me to pay …

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A content design career leap


OK. I’ve been a totally terrible blogger lately (mea culpa! Where’s my hairshirt?!) But there’s a reason, I swear. I’ve made a pretty exciting career move. Once I arrived in San Diego, Intuit came calling. They needed a contract Content Designer, and the opportunity was simply too good to pass up. I know, it’s strange! I hate authority and wearing pants — we all thought freelancing was it for me! The benefits to submitting to the 9-5 include: Slight reprieve to the hustle? Ok, that’s cushy. Writing content for incredibly well-known products? Yes, please. A chance to work with top talent …

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