“Your writing is like a snuggle.”
T.J. Duane
Happy Client

When I met T.J., he was in a jam.

He had cycled through “like 8” copywriters, and none of them seemed to click. Nobody could nail the tone for his professional networking site.

He wanted to build a more supportive online community, but users were having trouble understanding the radically different ethic of his site.

People were dropping off after onboarding, and he was getting questions like, “What’s this all about?”

KK Writes Copy Typing Computer

At the time, I was in a rough spot in my day job.

The workload was relentless, my manager hated me, and I was churning out fantastic writing for little recognition and not enough pay.

So T.J.’s vision resonated with me – professionals actually helping each other, giving one another advice and making the workforce a kinder place to be? Sign me up.

I got what he was trying to do, and I knew I could help others get it, too.

So we joined forces.

Through phone calls, constant Slack messages, and of course, round after round of revisions (thanks Google docs!)

I filled the site with content that’s warm, empathetic, and personal.

Now instead of fielding questions like “what’s BrightCrowd?” we’re telling the world through a blog. We’re sending charming emails, full of my words and T.J.’s heart.

Kk Writes Copy Notebook Closeup

Users are writing in to tell us how much they love the content.

They’re sharing their dreams, excitement, and desires. Their responses are bringing T.J. closer than ever to cracking the eternal question, “What do my users want?”

Are you still looking for the answer? Let’s find just the right user story, together.


5 Tips for the Perfect Customer Success Email

KK Writes 5 Tips for the Perfect Customer Success Email PDF
“Though I could rave about Katherine's timeliness, professionalism, and flexibility, it's her voice that I appreciate most of all. Katherine always delivered voice-driven copy with punch and personality.”
Jessica Vozel
Guest Hook Co-Founder