“For all the fancy engineers on my team, the person who adds the most value to our product is our copywriter -- she connects the product to people in a way technology can't."
T.J. Duane
CEO of BrightCrowd

From class clown to content design

I joke sometimes that clown classes at Cornell set me up for a career in tech. (Except it’s totally not a joke.)

Here's how studying shakespeare put me on the path to UX writing.

KK Writes Copy Typing Computer

I've always loved words (words, words...)

In the acting and directing classes I devoured, I’d debate the meanings of punctuation marks, single words, and ambiguous phrases.

To me, Hours spent finding hidden meanings are hours well-spent.

As a theatre director, i'm all about the aesthetic

I’ve always loved design just as much as performance. I’ve created worlds for the stage from wacky to beautiful:


(All in a day’s work.) 😝 
Kk Writes Copy Notebook Closeup

When I found my career in UX Writing, it all clicked

Now I get to ask the same kind of deep dive questions every day in my work at LinkedIn and with my clients. I distill complex concepts into simple,  remarkably fresh language.

I build worlds that are charming, helpful, and kind from end to end.


totally magical blog idea worksheet

“Though I could rave about Katherine's timeliness, professionalism, and flexibility, it's her voice that I appreciate most of all. Katherine always delivered voice-driven copy with punch and personality.”
Jessica Vozel
Guest Hook Co-Founder